Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Must Haves First 3 Months

I’ve had a few friends ask me what my must-have items have been for baby boy.  While everyone is different, and I’m sure you’ve all seen most of these, here are the few things that I’m not sure that I could live without!

Wubbanub – I lub these nubs! Seriously though, I love that the paci doesn’t just fly out of his mouth all the time.  And at night when he is swaddled it is a definite plus that it rests comfortably on his chest, all sprawled out, and doesn’t fall off until he moves around.  We were originally wanting to go the no-pacifier route but he loves it, and for us it’s better than his thumb.

Motorola Video Monitor – I love my sleep.  And since I don’t get a lot of it, it’s really nice to just be able to roll over and check on him when I want to.  I can make sure he’s breathing, yup I still check constantly.  And if he starts to get restless, I can look at him to see what’s wrong before I make the long walk down the hallway.  Yes I know it’s only about 10 feet down the hall, but man that’s a long walk when you are in a zombie-like state at 2 am.

Bumbo Seat – Baby boy loves his seat! Since he has more head control, I love to put him in it to watch me cook dinner, or fold laundry, or whatever else I need to do when I can’t hold him.  Yes, they recalled them and want you to get online and order the safety belt, which I will order soon.  But honestly, as long as you are watching your child, they are pretty darn safe.  And it’s best not to put them on top of the counter, which was the biggest issue people were facing.  Geez people.  Ok off my soapbox.

Boppy Pillow – This has been great for baby boy to take a few cat naps in.  It keeps him feeling secure like he’s still in my arms, so he doesn’t startle as much.  Great for breast feeding too!

Halo Sleep Sack – My friend Lori aka Mama Need Sushi got me this after the swaddle-me velcro swaddlers kind of stopped working for us.  These are amazing! I love the fact that I can get baby boy ready for bed and can feed him with his arms free, then wrap him up right before he falls asleep.  At 3 months now it is the first time we are running into the problem of him being too strong for it, and he can wiggle out quicker than I can get it fastened.  May be time to stop swaddling this little ninja!

City Mini GT – LOVE this stroller.  It is lightweight, and folds up with one hand! Great investment.  Only thing that bothers me is the front wheel tends to lock on its own, but I’ve seen that other people that have the same problem have just called the company and they’ve sent them a new wheel, no questions asked.  I plan on calling soon.  Just like I planned on calling a month ago!

Graco White Noise Machine – I really like having this.  It has a built-in night light and plays many versions of white noise, heartbeats, and music.  You can also plug your iPod into it which is a definite bonus! 

Playtex Ventaire Bottles – These were recommended to me by a coworker, and it’s the one and only bottle we have ever needed.  We started baby boy on a bottle around bedtime at 4 weeks knowing I would have to return to work.  He took this type like a champ.  And since they vent out of the bottom, I have NEVER seen an air bubble.  Like, not one. Ever. Nada.  He actually seems to have less gas problems with the bottle than with my breast. 

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