Friday, March 16, 2012

An Update...6 Months in the Making!

For the approximately 4 people (give or take 4) out there in web-land wondering why the heck my cooking has ceased to exist for the past 6 months, well there's been a legit reason...and a pretty big one I have to say.  You see, for at least the end of 2011 I had trouble even looking at food, let alone cooking it.  The culprit?...


So blogging has sort of taken a backseat to our little June bug...but I realized a couple of weeks ago (when I was adding a ridiculous amount of food photos to Pinterest) how much I missed blogging, and cooking, and everything else about it.  Now while my food posts will probably be a little scarce for awhile, my best friend kindly reminded me that I can take this as an opportunity to add some new things to the blog, like how the pregnancy has been so far, and nursery decor (another Pinterest obsession)...So I'm going to try!  I'll attempt to relive this whole pregnancy through this blog...and all the food I've missed out on for the past few months :) Stay tuned!

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