Saturday, September 22, 2012

Then and Now…

Then…I would wake up and hit the snooze at least 3 times.  Sometimes I would even purposefully set my alarm for 30 min before I actually needed to get up just so I could hit the snooze.  Weird I know…

Now…I wake up at 4 a.m. for breakfast and I am never the one that gets to eat.


Then…I showered once a day.  Most days.

Now…You don’t even want to know.


Then…Babies breath was only something I associated with cheesy wedding bouquets.

Now…Babies breath smells like milk.


Then…Dinner consisted of a well planned meal, the best ingredients, taking pictures, and a glass of wine.

Now…Dinner is whatever I can quickly get my hands on.  And I still get the glass of wine every once in a blue moon. 


Then…I got to eat when the food was hot and ready.

Now…I understand the mommy diet.  Which is working on eating your plate of food for an hour or more, then quitting eating because it’s cold and just not really that tasty anymore.  Not that it was really that tasty to begin with!


Then…the only thing I pumped was gas

Now…I pump three times a day and get 5 minutes to eat lunch.  You gotta do what you gotta do!


Then…I wished I could lose 5 pounds.

Now…I wish I could go back to wishing I could lose 5 pounds.  And I would tell that girl she’s stupid and she better love her body!


Then…Slobbery kisses were a total deal breaker.

Now…Slobbery kisses make my day.


Then…My husband, family, and God were the center of my universe.

Now…Everything has changed, but for the better.  I didn’t think my heart had any more room, until I held this perfect little guy in my arms.


They say that your life completely changes when you have a baby.  It truly does, in the most wonderfully complicated way.  Every minute of my day is consumed by this tiny little person, and I love almost every minute of it.  It’s the hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever had. 

So you may see less posts from me, well heck, let’s be honest you haven’t seen many posts from me at all for months now.  But I do still love to cook, and take pictures of food (and just recently learned the wonderful world of manual mode on my camera! woop woop!) and this blog is a way for me to keep track of all my recipes.  A few of you even print them out every once in awhile Winking smile…I hope that I can add a few new things to the blog, especially making my own baby food.  But we’ll see.  For now I’m just going to snuggle this handsome baby boy and try and enjoy every minute of it.  And if cooking and blogging just happen to get done in the process, well great! And if they don’t…I’m sure you’ll understand. 


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  1. Yes! Motherhood is wonderfully complicated. It is a beautiful mess! You have a sweet baby boy and you are doing what is right. Snuggle all you can, capture and enjoy the moments and we'll read your blog whenever you have a few moments to post something. :)
    P.S. I respect you workin' mommas who commit to pump while at work. That is WORK!

  2. I do miss the eating when things are hot, but ehhh such is life right now:)

  3. So true girl!! Nobody can truly understand motherhood until they are a mother. It's a gift and someday's a challenging gift but wouldn't change that for the world. Love your blog!!



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